SanDisk Announces the Perfect MP3 Player for Ongoing Economic Lean Patch



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 As long as I am not limited to JUST playing thier preloaded sd cards, I'd buy one (the article doesn't clarify this, but I'm sure they would). It would be a great backup player, or one for my young kids.


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I don't think SanDisk's MP3 players have been the most buggiest/crash-prone ones around, they have some issues, but usually most are fixed with a firmware update. If you want buggy, try some of Sony's players and come back to me.

Furthermore, tell me how many other MP3 players pack the same amount of features for a rock-bottom price?

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Sandisk's mp3 players have proven themselves to be among the most buggy, crash-prone mp3 players around.  I'd wait for others to beta test the final product before dropping even the modest twenty bucks on it.

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