San Francisco's BART Hit by Anonymous, Prepares for More Attacks



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Also, NPR was reporting this morning that the protest was against BART police shooting and killing a homeless man (which the BART police say threatened them with a knife).

BART officials also said that there are certain areas in which protesting is specifically not allowed like on the tracks and platforms as this is unsafe not just for the protesters but for non-protesting commuters as well.

Logic dictates that the protesters must have been on the tracks in order to meet their goal of stopping the train from leaving the station (watch the third rail) as waving a sign cannot stop a train from moving. At the same time, there is also no logic in shutting off 3G/wifi access as that cannot stop protesters from leaping in front of a train. And, as was said already, these Anonymous a-holes releasing citizen data to protest government action against citizen is equally illogical as this appears as assistance to those they are protesting.

All that said, I do not think that there is a single party involved in this entire story that has one effing bit of brain in their head.

Homeless guy waves a knife at police = FAIL!

BART killed a homeless guy = FAIL!

Protesters poured off of the platform in front of a train dangersously close to the third rail = FAIL!

BART turns off 3G & wifi for everyone in order to keep it quite = FAIL!

Anonymous, well, still exists = FAIL!

So you see, there is no winning, only losing.



The reason why countries like Canada, America, or European countries would have such crazy riots, and etc etc, is because the country itself allows lazy ass useless immigrants to enter their country. Countries like Japan remain fairly stable when it comes to riots and other things, because Japan only accepts hard working people. Japan is top-notch when it comes to politeness, manners, and orderliness. It's the reason why we don't see crazy riots in Japan...

Think I'm rascist or something? There were riots to stop using nuclear technology after the Fukushima incident happened in Japan, and there were no stealing, killing, and etc. Heck things were so orderly, I bet if the same thing happened in other counries, all we'd see is chaos!

I just wish people in this world would stop doing stupid things and try to get along a bit better, and governments spending their money wisely on educating people instead of throwing trillions of dollars/pound down the drain for pointless nuclear missles and other stupid things.




I got to see a great puppet show, so I guess I won?



FYI, other sources are reporting that BART actually cut power to cellular phone towers rather than just WiFi.  The ACLU is litigating, and it may indeed have been illegal.



I love how these idiots protest how our government is oppressing the citizenry through making decisions without our best interest in mind by...oppressing the citizenry through making decisions without our best interests in mind.

Anonymous is the very definition of the word "hypocrite". They're a small number of people unilaterally making decisions that affect the masses in order to protest the government, which is a small number of people unilaterally making decisions that affect the masses.

Except our government can actually be voted out, so Anonymous is actually more oppressive than government.

These jokers are nothing more than Kevin Smith wannabes who've seen V for Vendetta while stoned one too many times.

Someone needs to tell these guys that they just need a good blowjob and everything'll work itself out. The powa of Sexual Healin' doesn't disappoint, ohhh baby.



Go after Fox news. Give Bill O'Reilly a digital beat-down. Rape Sean Hannity. Castrate Glenn Beck.



I'm glad to see Anonymous wanting to weigh in on this on the side of the people. I'm also disapointed that more people aren't outraged about a psudo government agency quashing free speech and trying to prevent people from protesting. However, I don't think this was the right way for Anonymous to handle the situation. They should have done something like making public all internal BART email or personal information of those in change. Releasing the customer's information isn't a positive for anyone other than criminals.


I'd really like to know why the wireless carriers have allowed BART this lattitude via their contracts. I would think that if I'm the carrier and putting wireless access on your property, my contract would have to say that I have exclusive control over my equipment and the part of your property that it is on. Meaning BART has no authority to disconnect service. As the carrier that is part of my network and BART has no right to disrupt my network.



Anon are script Kiddys. They use other peoples software/technology to hack. Script kiddys are the worst and the most theatening to anyone. Actual people who build the hacking software are usually not as threatening because they hack for a spacific purpose and not for the fun of it like Anon does.



While I'll agree that most of Anon are script kiddies, I do not think that being a Script kiddy is "the worst" nor do I think they are more "threatening" than a hacker.



I still have yet to see one example of the the scripts they use. Can you please point me to the sckript that was designed to hack into BART?



Better yet, you provide evidence they have all written original scripts.


Generally speaking, you don't assume everyone you meet who can use a computer is Bill Gates. You have to prove yourself to be good with code.

We don't assume you are code guru and then procede to try to find evidence otherwise until we settle on script kiddie. It's normally the other way around.

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