Samsung's New Memory Chip Could Lead to 32GB DIMMs



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Andy, I think you meant to say 4Gb/4Gbit chip.

When talking about the chips themselves on the memory modules, most of the time they're talking about how many bits there are in the chip, not how many bytes. After all, they want you to feel like you got a lot for your money :)

Since there are 8 bits in 1 byte, these chips are 512MB each. So, a memory module with 8 chips on it would give you a 4GB ram module. 16 chips would give you 8GB and 32 chips would equal 16GB. 32 chips is pretty common for server ram modules (the actual number is higher because server ram is usually ecc).



128GB would be the memory address limit on a 37 bit OS.  64 bits gives you 16 billion GB of memory space.  Microsoft still has some time to work with in that aspect.



thats right, the address space of a OS is exponential not linar


thats not to say the bit zise cant be further limited. If im not mistaken a 32 Bit OSt should be able ot adress more then 4 GB of ram but the Consumer level 32 Bit Windows Os can't. Howevber they were rocking windows Servers back in 04 with 128 gbs or ram...



if I'm correct isn't the formula 2^x where x is the number of bits in the OS?



woohoo, now I only need about $3000 to build my self a 24 GB rig



So if I read this right, we could have 96 GB of RAM running in tri-channel mode?



That limit would be 128GB.  Are 128bit OS's right around the corner???  Lol.

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