Samsung's N120 Netbook Shows up for Pre-Order, Boasts 2.1-Channel Sound



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Judging by the amount of comments for these netbook articles...


MAXimum PC!

Dump the netbook stuff. It's a fad.



I use my netbook more than I use my desktop or laptop.

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.


teh 1337 haxxor

It's certainly not a fad. Netbooks are just cool. They're tiny, cheap and get great battery life, and they're great for web browsing and email. Makes the perfect compliment to a fast desktop.

Bottom line: Netbooks just make sense!



You don't judge the number of comments people post for online magazines as a sign that the netbook craze is merely a "fad."


You judge the sales.  Judging from their record number sales figures and the number of companies entering the market, I'd say they're part of a trend toward ultralportable devices that is here to stay. Netbooks are simply what the typical notebook  at the same price fails to be--portable.  They're also practical for those who need a light computing device for taking notes, checking e-mails, and chatting.  The newest graphics/chipsets about to be released by Nvidia promise 1080p/720p rendering capabilities. Plus Asus is releasing a netbook with an optical drive, though I confess to seldom using my notebook's these days.


These factors pretty together show that your future 10"-12" netbooks may one day replace notebooks altogether.  With the expotential leaps in laptop technology, it's becoming easier to shrink down the most powerful processors to a size a fraction of the original's size.

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