Samsung's Latest Point-n-Shoot Sports a Built-In USB Connector



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Tristan Heitkemper

i know its handy and all, but what if someones usb port is somewhere where theres no support? the flip also seems like it can easily be knocked off 



I never have problems finding my USB wires. Maybe I'm just a total Geek cuz I have a 30 foot USB2.0 wire sitting around in case I'll need it one day, 4 extra mini-USB2.0 wires in my closet, etc.

I could totally see that breaking off. Once in a while, when my USB thumb drive is plugged into the front of my desktop, I accidentally kick it from walking. How about make it wireless sync with the computer? If Canon is able to sell wireless printers that only costs $80 that is able to sync with both the PC and cameras wirelessly, then I don't see why Samsung isn't able to implement such feature into higher margin products like digital cameras.

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