Samsung's Latest EcoGreen Drive Does 2TB without Offending Mother Nature



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Number Six

It was originally designated the F4G, but someone at Samsung noted that wouldn't have been PC for such a green drive. 



They can preform as good as (if not better) my stuff "Green Products" are nice alternatives. I have a green power supply because of that fact: it does what I need to do well enough (at least the way I perceive it), and it's better for the environment.



I have no problem with more efficient drives, but frankly I'm getting tired of products being marketed as if you're saving the planet by using them. Business are naming their products "green" this and "eco" that simply for sales purposes. Trying to make customers feel good about themselves by purchasing a product just comes across to me as a scheme to take advantage of people's well-intentioned naivete.



Increasing the efficiency of any device that consumes non-renewable energy is not only good for your pocketbook it is also good for the environment. You're assuming people's naivete as if you were the only one to recognize that the drive is simply more efficient.  You're saying that there are poeple that will be more likely buy these products simply because of it's "eco" branding but I say so what? Would you prefer people buy devices that consume more power to save a few bucks in the short term? Is that how you choose to spend your money? Perhaps your "problem" with this branding simply lies in the fact that you believe you understand the issue better than others and therefore you are immune to being "taken advantage of". Are you saying Samsung should not advertize these drives as "eco" on the basis of morality? How would you justify that?

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