Samsung's Latest 512GB SSD has that SATA 6Gbps Swagger



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It seems like almost every week there's new news about a faster or bigger or more reliable SSD coming to market but yet the price still isn't coming down to reasonable levels. It seems like SSDs will perpetually be getting faster and faster but will always be the same price and will never drop to a reasonable level because of the constant improvement. Ugh.



You'd still be getting more for your money, if you look at it that way. Now that I mention it, the "way" you look at it is also flawed by one simple reason: it's wrong. Back in the August 2010 issue of the magazine, they did a SSD mini-roundup. In it, they reviewed the then "blazing fast" Vertex 2 100GB which sold for $400. Now, the same one costs $189.99 with a measly $2.99 for shipping ( If you argue that what you were saying was that SINCE SSDs inprove the prices for their capacities never go down because of their currentness, I am very happy to report that, again, you are wrong in that respect. A MAX IOPS version of the Vertex 3 120GB right now (the most directly comparable SSD of this time period to the Vertex 2 in August) costs $284.99, with free shipping ( Granted, that is more than the Vertex 2 right now, but prices have indeed dropped with features being added. You can also account for the extra pricing to be the extra 20GB, as the 100GB Vertex 3 isn't out.

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