Samsung's 31 Series Displays Offer LED Lighting on the Cheap



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Great to read that they are finally coming out with LED. Samsung has an awesome 3D LED the 8000 so they should know what they are doing when it comes to LED. I was going to get the Apple LED display but it is almost $1000, this will be a better option. Cant wait for the reviews.



This is a really good price for LED backlit displays.  With these models, you can buy LED for the same price as LCD now.


Keith E. Whisman

Hey Paul have you tried hooking up a gaming computer up to one of these large screen 120hz 1080P LCD TV's to see how they do as a monitor and gaming display? Seems like 120hz (whatever that means) will allow for faster response times. 

I know in the past LCD TV's sucked at being monitors, but surely the technology has improved since then.



I am curious about that as well.

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