Samsung Unveils Touchscreen Monitor for Windows 8



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And if the 27" was also touchscreen, this would be worth getting excited over.



What a shame....As nice as the SC750 looks it only has 1 HDMI input and that's it. No display port, second HDMI or DVI. So much for multi monitors with that model.



lets design a monitor around a failed OS, nice FAIL SAMSUNG, this will go the way of the Dodo bird soon enough, and please don't sit there and tell us win8 isn't a failure, pull your head out of your asses


maverick knight

You all are being close minded. Touch interface is a good idea. I am in the military and way back in 2005 I was working with a 13 inc or so laptop with touch screen. The interface was not exactly optimized for touch gestures but it was very convenient to travel with it. They were designed to withstand a lot of punishment so it was ideal for Afghanistan. Also, ideal when I traveled without a mouse. This innovation is not new to the government or the military but new to consumers.

On the desktop side of things, I am really comfortable using my mouse and shortcut keys. But the swiping gesture would sure come in handy. It is not about changing the way we do things as is more like having options.

This monitor sounds good and if the price is right I might get it. Maybe then I'll finally jump to Win8. I am pretty sure Samsung knows about finger prints all over the monitor and they will do something about it.



This will go the way of 3D TV's.

When it comes to desktops, keyboard + mouse > touchscreen.

And who the hell wants a screen with fingerprints all over it?



And who wants to keep their arm raised to their monitor for hours while working? And what about multiple monitors that you tend to keep further away so you can see all of the screen(s), who has a 35" or longer arm? I also love the "FULL 1089P" moniker, hi res for a TV for sure but not so much for a computer screen. I wonder if these also have the hated glossy reflective screens?
I will have to go ask about that at CES next week :-)



I was just going to mention the fingerprint problem, you beat me to it!


Granite do y'all handle those damned fingerprints on your phone or tablet??




Umm, we spend a lot of time wiping the screen. The phone has the added problem of touching your ear and/or face to the screen, when it's actually being used as a phone. More wiping off greasy smudges.... Besides the fingerprint issue, a touchscreen on a desktop PC is a really dumb idea. Long awkward reach if you sit far away from the screen, which you pretty much have to with a large monitor. And good luck not knocking things over on your desk, time invest in a spill-proof keyboard... LOL.


Bullwinkle J Moose

This monitor should be very popular

Did you know that of the 100 best products of 2012,
WINDOWS 8 Professional is NUMBER ONE ?

Yeah, I know, Neither did I

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