Samsung Tries to Score Style Points by Adding Bling to Memory Cards



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I have to agree that blinging out a device which resides totally enclosed in something seems silly. It's like polishing the wheel on your car's trunk-mounted spare tire.



Next up....Apple fires off robolawsuit for patent infringement for a device enclosed in metal.



Paul I'm disapointed, you are totally throwing a brilliant idea under the bus. It's both PC & Maximum, as well as NO BS. The title of your article should have been: Samsung Tries to Score Points by Adding Durability to Memory Cards



If that's what I did, then please note Samsung's the driver of the bus. The title of Samsung's own press release is "Samsung Introduces Stylish Branded Memory Cards." The company then goes on to talk about the "brushed metal design" of its "beautiful" cards before touching on their durability.

Samsung's placing a lot of stock in the aesthetics of these new cards, which is reflected in both our titles. I think it's totally fair to point that out, while also mentioning their rugged characteristics and speed ratings.



I did follow the link and go see that you did simply repeat what they said, and your right you did mention the durability in your article. I'm disapointed that what seemed like the bigger point to this story got lost in the bling. Keep up the great news paul :)



This isn't a bad move so long as it's only a few cents more than the competition.
I'm not gonna invest an extra dollar for a card that resists water when the $300 phone or $100-$1000 dollar camera/camcorder ISN'T water proof.



I'd say it's a safe move, every other card on earth looks essentially identical aside from being made of different colors of plastic and a little label. It will help bring some brand recognition to what is otherwise a commodity product.



Exactly plus that plastic just feels cheap and flimsy. I would much rather have some metal around my 16GB card full of photos.


Brad Nimbus

I was going to say something sarcastic here but the fact they can handle water is pretty impressive.

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