Samsung Treats Galaxy Note Owners to Jelly Bean, Premium Suite Upgrade



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I'm still waiting for the update to Jelly Bean 4.2 for my Galaxy Nexus S.




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Jacob Stanbery

As long as ROMs like Cyanogenmod exist, I don't need manufacturer updates. ;)



It is good to see Samsung treating its customer base with such gratitude-they realize the sale of just one phone is one less iphone sale.

After the way MS treated their Win 7 owners, I am surprised folks are buying the newer Win 8 phones; I know I never will own another MS phone. Write that down, MS, write that down...

My wife owns the SGSIII and she is looking forward to the rumored Premium Suite release for her device-another nice perk from Samsung.



i hear what you're saying. but for was the carriers of wp7 that rolled the updates out late. or are you referring to the fact that older (not that old) windows phones are not eligable for the wp8 update? remember that wp8 is based off of diff technology. also, windows phone is still in its infant stages. even though it's a diff subject, the analogy still applies: amd...754 am2 socket...within a few years. with new technology, comes mistakes. just my take on it.



I do hope they launch the updates in a timely manner. The ICS update was rolled out quite slowly previously. It certainly took a few weeks or months (I can't remember clearly) between when the initial ICS updates launched in Germany and the last updates being released. UK phones certainly had to wait a while to get the update.

That said, it is great to see Samsung give us such a long update run (all the way from 2.3 Gingerbread) and the new features. :)

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