Samsung Touts Over 10 Million Galaxy S4 Sales in First Month



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And HTC has sold over 5 million of their One flagship device. This despite supply chain problems, lousy marketing and not having Verizon selling the One. If HTC solves these issues their sales will ramp up even more, which makes the HTC's sales even more news worthy than Samsung's sales.



Verizon hasn't sold any s4's yet either...
You're right though it is news worthy that HTC is desperately trying to close the gap with the One and completely blowing it on every front, all they got right was the design.



But the Galaxy S4 is available from Verizon starting today, and according to rumors the One will it Verizon sometime in June. I doubt that though as Verizon is keen on selling their branded Droid devices and has passed on other HTC devices such as the One X and the One X+

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