Samsung Starts Mass Producing World's First PCI-Express SSDs for Skinny Laptops



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That's some pretty sweet speed. Now, did they fix all the issues that PCIe has had about being the boot drive? Last time I saw anything on a PCIe SSD they specifically said that they couldn't be used as a boot disk.


The Mac

wow, how about 2 of the 512GB in raid 0 for 1TB of super fast SSD goodness in a tiny form factor..

ill bet the TB written life is pretty small though...



I'm not sure what form factor the following laptops use, but they use 'mSATA SSDs'. The Asus G750 can have 2 in RAID 0, the MSI gt60/gt70 can have 3 and the alienware 17" and/or 18" (don't know) can have 4 in RAID 0!



RAID 0 actually increases write cycles on SSDs.


The Mac

i would assume so due to wear leveling and garbage collection...



Wow, can we get these speeds in desktop products, please?



We have it already, These are PCI-E cards basically, they arent' the same as SSD's hooked into a SATA port.

PCI-E raid cards for desktops are already hitting these numbers. They just aren't cheap.

They just compared it against the slower SATA SSD (Not even the same market to be honest) to make it look more amazing than it was.

Which it is, this form factor for 512g of PCI-E SSD goodness makes me drool.

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