Samsung Speaks Out On Australian Galaxy Tab Ban



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h e x e n

Apple can go sit and spin.


Keith E. Whisman

Sounds like Australian Judges will side with the company that gives them the most money. Hey, it's the American way and now it appears that it's the Australian way as well. I'm sure there are other Australian Judges that wouldn't have placed any injunction without a thorough review of all evidence and hearing from both sides but why waste the time if you already have your mind made up.


Holly Golightly

Of course you can not hide a good quality product at a reasonable price from the people. People will find ways to buy something that is banned. What Apple is doing is being anti-competitive. Listen, a good product will sell itself. This action Apple has taken shows proof that Apple lacks confidence of their products, and as a result... People will question their aggressive actions. To be honest with you, I really feel that Apple has ran out of ideas. They have nothing else revolutionary other than the iPad, which is already so last year. Apple was never like this, so why all of a sudden now? So yeah... Samsung will be the ultimate winner in the ending. Just looks at their futuristic flex-glass OLED phones and tablets... Freaking sick! Beyond what Apple can comprehend.



Personally, I'd like to think this drives more people away from Apple products but I never underestimate the power of marketing and brand loyalty.

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