Samsung to Slash Price of 3D Glasses



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vizio's new 3d tv lcd and led come in polarized system just like the movie theater's. i dont know if it has the viewing angle problem and clarity of an active shutter 3dtv but ohhwell its pretty cheap. i think a 32" goes for $500 and 42" goes for $700. ill wait for reviews before ill be buying one.



That's a pretty good price! Knowing some physics behind RealD3D effect, I wouldn't expect polarized lenses to have viewing angle problems, as long as the tv component itself can deliver wide angle viewing image.



You can't get a polarized (passive) system in your home for the same reason you can't get a super bright lumens LED projector that never needs a new bulb in high def...the technology simply has not caught up to that point yet. To be sure, there ARE TVs that support what you describe, but the picture is absolutely terrible at this point. Until TVs are capable of pushing much higher resolutions at much higher refresh rates and all the bugs have been worked out, active shutter glasses are the best we are going to get for use in the home.



I was wondering, why do electronic companies don't use polarized glasses + polarized screen filter like movie theatres' RealD3D does? Those glasses are so much cheaper to make!

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