Samsung Skips Ahead of Apple with Over 52 Million Smartphone Shipments



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Samsung is the #1 hardware provider and Google is the #1 software dev in the smartphone market and what does that get apple? Aside from a little left over, dried up Bill Gates on their chin I mean. Oh yeah, they have 8 billion green backs that's right. I suppose when you add up the 'real' cost to do business with Apple, it isn't that pretty though.



Before I retired at 40 and moved to South America I use to be one of those people that bought a new phone every 6 months. No problem if it was 500 bucs as long as it was the latest and greatest. Now I look for phones that are reliable and durable and can be passed to different people and survive drops. Actually dont want a smart phone, looking at some of the samsung rugged phones from 100 to 150 bucs. I still see steam picking up for smartphones, who knows maybe we will see like 6 inch versions that can double as a phone and ultrabook at the same time
yet still fit in the pocket with keyboard etc.
Apple is a quality product but why would everyone want to be the same, that is why I see Apple maxed out. Some people like the options of different styles of phone and dont want to copycat


Shadow Death

I'm sure Apple will find a reason to ban the Galaxy S III. It's the only way they seem to know how to compete.



We all know it's going to happen. The question is only when and how. I'm sure they are "infringing" on "their" patents. Speaking of patents, Apple just scored one the other day dealing with alternate reality knowing that Google and John Carmack are both working on these types of products and knowing that they have nothing of the sort in development. This is yet another patent they can claim was "copied" and proceed to sue.



I honestly don't see where all these phones go regardless of company. My wife and I only get the cheap $30 phones every 2 years with each new contract. I know there isn't many like us. There are multiple companies selling millions of phones per quarter and it seems that soon this has to slow to almost a crawl.



In the U.S. alone, a person is born every 8 seconds, according to the United States Census Bureau. That's over 86,000 potential new customers every day just in the U.S. (not including current owners who upgrade at the end of their contracts and/or replace a defective device).

I don't know what the population stats were 12, 13, or 18 years ago, which would be representative of potential new feature phone and smartphone customers today, but the same concept applies.

A shorter answer to your quandary: unprotected sex.



Indeed Mr. Lilly. That hadn't even crossed my mind. I was also just accounting for the US too. But still, eventually the supply should overcome the demand sooner or later. Also, shipping and selling phones are 2 different things. You can ship a billion but only sell 10 million. I think they should only do statistics of sales not shipments as it is the more accurate/important of the two.



So when Samsung launches its new flagship and Apple is in its traditionally lowest quarter for smartphone sales they can outsell them? Doesn't take too much to figure that one out. Assuming Apple doesn't fumble with the iPhone 5 (which it looks like they're doing IMO), they will probably outsell Samsung by a wide margin. But then Android users will probably chomping at the bit for a new Samsung phone, so I guess these staggered launches are helping both companies out.



Yep it surely is because Apple is in a slow quarter and not because Apple has never shipped that many units in a quarter. This is also Apple's third largest sales quarter.



'As far as Android competitors go, Juniper Research says they "continue to fall short, with the resources needed to compete with Samsung’s marketing push halting HTC’s early promise (11.6 million) and Motorola, distracted by the Google acquisition, lacking a strong presence in Western Europe."'

Ummm. I think Motorola was more distracted by the fact that they have a lousy UI and locked bootloaders. I prefer my Android stock.



Lousy UI?

Yep you haven't seen any Moto phones since 2009 then. Blur on ICS rocks.

Locked bootloaders? That however is true.

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