Samsung Shows Series 9 Prototype With a 2560 x 1440 Matte Display



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"display’s" is the possessive of display, not the plural. Just a thought. The war of patents is stalling innovation. In the computing business, the greatest complainers are also the greatest stealers, namely, Microsoft & Apple.



I saw that headline and I read the article, and I was like, "man I've got to have this thing" :)

I would buy it, because in my eyes, this is a more or less "future-proof" computer. At least the immediate future. If the way a computer makes you feel as you use it is important, then I rank this as the top device on my want list right now.

With that resolution this is a computer that's Windows 9 and Windows 10-ready, as far as I'm concerned.

People with good eyesight that love excellent screens will love this thing.

I think it would definitely be worth a few hundred more then a "regular" laptop, as long as the price isn't super extravagant, and I agree that it will definitely make a ton of money, WHEN, released, not IF. Samsung would be crazy to not make this available to the public.

I saw the video clip of the prototype, and it looked pretty speedy, performance wise, from the little that I saw, so I'm not worried about that.

A dedicated graphics card probably is definitely a requirement, and Thunderbolt would be awesome, but I saw from the clip that it isn't included :(

I currently have a laptop that I purchased a while ago that doesn't have usb 3.0, and because of that it feels kind of ancient, even though it's fairly new, so it would be good if I could be ahead of the technology curve, for once.

God knows I don't want to be sitting here a year from now, if 9 out of 10 laptops have Thunderbolt, and I'm one of the few that has a laptop without it.



Doesn't Apple have a patent for all high-resolutions? And the word "display?"



This was written in Microsoft's heyday, it just needs to be refreshed for Apple:,599/






Apple: Thanks for the billion dollar check :)
Samsung: Round 2 glitches!!



Hmm seems Samsung is still continuing to copy Apple's ideas in order to profit for their own gain. Sure Apple didn't invent the High res display or retina but they've been the fastest to push a product to the market with a quality display. now its time for all the PC people to make the same thing. and no I'm not an apple fan I'm typing this on a Dell.. nuff said. I really would like to see pc companies coming out with their own unique thing not just making something similar to compete with Apple.



It's my opinion is that Apple can get away with pushing out higher end technology like this and charge a premium because they are known to charge higher prices. When a PC company does it, people get all up in arms about it becasue PC's by nature are supposed to be cheaper alternatives.

It's kind of like Lexus releasing a new car for $65,000. For Lexus, that is perfectly acceptable because luxury is what they do so people pay the premium. When Hyundai releases a $65,000 car, people say it's crazy to pay a premium for a Hyundai even though they may perform identically.



So to your logic when The hobbit and most movies that come out from now on have copied Apple because they filmed at 4k. Same with tvs when they come out with a res of 4k the also copied apple. The Only thing they can not call it is retina but 4K has been around and I don't the rest of the industry placing law suits on each other for using "4K". While you are at it say everyone else will also copy thunderbolt. I will say this it takes a big company to take risks with stuff like this and apples is one the companies does and can.



Copying apple? Hmmmm.... Let me see Intel which in my opinion is a way bigger deal than a retina display PC had it first. PCI-Xpress I'm pretty sure PC had it first. So I'm utterly confused when people are talking this copycat crap. Let's all remember why we can now build hackintosh computers because Apple copied pc.



I fail to see your logic. You say Samsung is still continuing to copy Apple's Ideas but yet you say it's time for all the PC people to do the same, which is to push out higher res displays.

You also say you want pc companies to make thier own unique thing. Well, if ya haven't heard, Sammy developed the displays apple uses. Not so much now with all the lawsuits and all but that doesn't change the fact that apple did NOT invent retina displays. Sammy did.

Just to push the envelope here, I'd rather purchase at full price a Galaxy S3 than have any apple product given to me.



I disagree. By this logic then Apple should never have included USB 3 on new MBPs because PCs had it first. Sorry, but I don't think including a hi-res display is "copying Apple" in the same sense as they undoubtedly sometimes have in the past.

Higher display resolution is a logical progression in the state of the art for computers. If Samsung is going to be the company to get off their arses and move PC-tech forward then that's just as well as anyone else. (I am typing this on an Apple product, which I like a lot.) :)



You're right, but I'm afraid the original poster does still have a point about Apple being much more successfully innovative as of late, while PC manufacturers are only attempting stuff Apple has already made popular.

But this is just something Apple has the power to do right now. I've seen some really innovative stuff (or at least attempts) at things on PC, and they just don't take off. Not lately. A shame... because now's the time. There's lots of good technology that could really innovate things if someone really put a lot of work into it... Apple has the advantage of unification, but PC has advantages too. Make some crazy shit, you guys!

High DPI screens are a good idea, but the software has to catch up before they really mean anything. At least that's my experience with my Macbook Pro.



Fair enough.



They should put it into production immediately. It would beat the (almost certain) 13" Retina MBP onto the market.

That would be smart. Also: if the trackpad is really good it would be a serious competitor to any future rMBPs.



I agree!

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