Samsung Releases the First Smartphone with Built-In Optical Mouse, Runs Windows Mobile



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Keith E. Whisman

God please it's just a phone. I'm a nerd and I'm easily suseptible to hype when it comes to tech toys. God no more... These phones are really nice but man who can afford all of them and they all charge big money to end a contract and to start a new one up. Oh well.



Samsung already released the Omnia (5 mp) and INNOV8 (8 mp) weeks ago.  Both smartphones have the optical mouse and Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.  Late information perhaps?


Keith E. Whisman

And damn I just plunked down more than 4bills to get my Android G1 phone. Now this phone looks totally awsome. Just to have an optical mouse on a phone really is the most important geek addon of the century. All geeks need this phone. It's a requirement.

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