Samsung Predicts HDD-Priced SSDs



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So, this guy from Samsung is predicting that SSDs will be less expensive in the future?  Way to go out on a limb with your far-fetched prediction, Captain Obvious.


In related news, I'd like to go on record as predicting that CPUs will become faster and will have more cores.  


And also, the sun will come up tomorrow. 


I Jedi

I think we're sticking at 16 cores max. Reason said is that the more cores you add up, the more of a bottleneck you have in communication, I believe. Which only adds up to decreased performance, etc.



i guess he is predicting that SSD will cost the same or lower than HDD in the next few years. not just the price will go down, but the price will go down more than the price of HDD goes down.

for example, if 1TB HDD cost 100 dollar in say... 5 years, then he is saying 1TB SSD will be the same price or cheaper.

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