Samsung Patents Dual Sided Tablet



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I can't think of any practical uses for a dual sided tablet, and it seems Samsung hasn't either. Maybe two people would be able to use it at the same time. That would be pretty funny to see. 

I guess everyone's out of practical ideas to patent, but I think I've got one. I'll patent the 6 sided tablet. It would be in the shape of a cube and have a touch screen on every side. I'll call it the Cubelet, and the marketing plan would consist solely of saying that my tablet has more sides than any other tablet. Then of course I would need to patent tablets with 7 sides, 8 sides, and so on. Is that a great idea or what?




I think that this IS a practical idea, it's just that the patent examples are there to clarify the tech, not to show actual intended usage. If I'm reading the pictures right then it's a transparent tablet with multitouch points on both sides. As was pointed out earlier, this would make a fantastic foundation for Augmented Reality gaming and other AR Applications.

I think that the concept has some serious flaws, of course... however if combined with flexible LCD or OLED technology most of them fade considerably. The main problem I see is that it's best usage is rather limiting at the moment, and they need to make it a lot more... pardon the pun, flexible to really dig into the market. Of course since I doubt that it's anywhere near prototype stage and many years away from market, it's a moot point.



A transparrent tablet would be quite useful for Augmented Reality - I could see information being overlayed.

I'm not sure about a 2-sided touch panel though.  I don't know how on earth you hold the thing and use both sides like in a couple of the illustrations without just spinning or fumbling it.


Fecal Face

Exactly, how are you supposed to use both sides without dropping it!?



Didn't Tony have one of these at the Congressional hearing he appeared at in Fe-Man 2?

Samsung needs to check with Stark Industries for prior art.

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