Samsung Nexus S is World's First Android 2.3 Smartphone



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Gee, no trackball.  That seems like a loss.

And why is there no comment spam on this article?  Am I on the wrong website?  ;-)



I read this article and it sounds like they will be adding the ability to do mobile payments with this phone as well, which will be pretty cool not having to bust out the credit card to buy your morning Starbucks.  The one thing I'm trying to find out is if it will be easier to just get ringtones from a site like this or if it'll be not to hard to do some crafty technique like garageband with the iPhone.  Guess we'll find out in a few days. 



Ok so a samsung phone with 2.3 how about an update for my captivate to 2.2 without having to root it?



I agree with one of the comments on the video, it looks like a shoe commercial, not a phone ad. Plus, I found the video made me want to toss my cookies. But otherwise, I am glad to see the phone.

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