Samsung NC215S Solar Powered Netbook Coming to Russia



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You know,the icy tundra of Russia wasn't the first place to pop into my head when I thought of solar power....



Almost as useful as a solar powered flashlite



With the solar cells on the lid, it can't use them when the notebook is in use (opened), unless the solar panel is hinged separately to the lid to allow it to flip outward 180 degrees. Did they think of that in the design?


Holly Golightly

I am totally look forward to this launch in Russia. I can see this as more ideal for charging in the classroom on a nice bright and sunny day right by the window. This innovative technology should be implemented everywhere.



Using laptops in the sun isn't very user friendly, but I could see this as a huge plus for charging purposes. If you could just leave it in the sun while off it charges itself. Seems most useful in countries without stable power grid, or rugged type installations where they will be constantly on the go. Unfortunately it will take more power than a laptop sized photo cell is able to provide, but I could image some crazy fold out blanket of panels that could be very useful in some situations.



I have been hoping that one day, manufactures would get smarter about battery life/charging electronics, by implementing them into computers and the like.  I am very very happy to see this finally happening!!!  AND of all people to start doing it first, one of my favorite manufactures, Samsung.  I couldn't be happier.  I hope that other companies follow suit and this becaomes something that every electronice device that depends on battery life has in the future, fucking cool!

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