Samsung Nabs 30 Percent of Global Smartphone Market



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Hurray! Now Samsung can pay back all the randsoms, I mean "fines", that most countries think they owe cApple.


Keith E. Whisman

I feel so sad for all those people stuck using Android when a jailbroken IOS is so much better. I aint gonna go out and buy a mac or anything like that but I do have to give credit where credit is due and IOS is what all cell phones should be running. Give me a galaxy s4 with IOS 6 on it and I'll be in heaven.



Did you ever think that maybe some people can't stand it. Even with the jailbreak the Iphone 5 is far less superior to most of the android phones on the market and with Jelly Bean android has been more stable than ever. The Iphone is no longer the top market phone for a reason, they are slow to change and can't keep up with the hardware.


Paper Jam

Can't keep up with software, either. I'm sure lots of people are happy with the simplicity of iOS, but Android is more like a full featured OS with every release. And Google Now is awesome.



with multi user support and more awesome goodies on the horizon with key lime pie later this year

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