Samsung, Micron And Others Form Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium To Promote Faster, Better DRAM



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looks similar to 3d cpu tech, hmm wonder why intel helped, maybe by helping they help themselves...

Really does look like they are tossing the bone and letting the others go fetch a completed product to copy! like solving the material and glue problems (well they hired 3M for this right?).

from a consumer standpoint I wonder why they didnt just call it 3DRAM



I was going to post a interesting helpfull comment but then your website decided that I hadn't typed anything in the comment box and promptly deleted the entire thing...


FIX YOUR COMMENT CODE! it's been broken for almost a year now (using IE9).



This whole system stinks. Get something like discuss, or whatever, but do something.



If what they are saying is true, then it is going to be exciting to see where this leads.

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