Samsung May Ditch Australian Galaxy Tab If Apple-Spurred Sales Injunction Isn't Lifted



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This is yet another example of how a lot of the systems in the U.S are broken and corrupt. I'm sorry but no matter how you try to spin this, there is no way that this particular patent should have been award. Apple isn't the only company guilty of taking advantage of our pathetic system either. They just happen to be the most boistrous right now. This is so sad.



Are you sure the suit involves the Samsung being "a rectangle with a screen on one face?" (Can the side, of either tablet, without the screen be defined as a face??) I'd really like to hear what the courts say.

FWIW I do think that Apple's crack team of lawyers are being ridiculous. None of these other "me too!" tablets even threaten their marketshare.

Which brings me to this point: when MS sues and/or extorts Google and makers of Unix-based open-source OSes, where's MPC's snarky remarks and indignation when reporting on that? 

The Linux community: there is some good people you noble crusaders could be sticking up for. (I think they more than qualify as "Maximum PC.") My belief is you can not. Not because you're too preoccupied with your crusade against Evil Empire Apple, you're just hypocritically unquestioning fanbois of the other empire.






Why does everything need to have a black bezel around it with a button on the bottom?  There must be a better way! :(



umm... that bezel is where you're supposed to grip the thing without interfering with the functions. many devices have had the home button on the bottom of the screen for ages while the top buttons are usually for power and other stuff.



Samsung makes the hardware for the Apple tablet, can they allow Apple to stop Samsung from using hardware they manufacture,...that runs a completely different OS?!




I wasn't aware you could patent how something looks without patenting how it works.  I mean, it'd be the same as patenting the wheel.



I did patent the wheel, right after I patented breathing.  Unfortunately, both patents were rejected, because Apple had already filed both.



I can't believe how far apple has their heads up their butts. This is just rediculous.  I call foul on this nonsense.

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