Samsung Launches Pair of New E-book Readers into Crowded Waters



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Windows Securit...

Of course Maximum Propaganda doesn't know who will kill the kindle but we do!

Any EBook reader that sells a DRM Free/Spyware Free Reader will be #1 in less than a week!

Next Time ask the Expert



Really? Maximum Propaganda? Was that entirely necessary?


Anyway, while DRM free is definitely important, I don't think it will be the deciding factor. THAT will be price. They have to get these things down under 100 bucks, with normal units in the $50 range. When that happens, I think they will take off big time. They can have a DRM protected proprietary format, no one will care as long as it can ALSO utilize open formats as well, without some ridiculous conversion step.


Windows Securit...





 so true, so true. All these companies expect people to shell out 200-400 bucks for every gadget "we have a new mp3 player only 199.99! get it now!"

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