Samsung Launches First 1,000 ANSI LED Projector



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you need 4000 lumens i believe with forescents



I don't think you need that many considering the highest ones out there are just shy of 3000.  2500 in a brightly lit room would be perfectly visible.  We have one at church that is about 2000 and it is barley faded at all and we use the florescent lights. 

 This one being a new technology with LED as its source will probably be able to stand up to what a 2000-2800 Lumen projector of the previous styles i.e. LCD Projectors.  Just my guess on this part but the LED lighting makes a huge difference.   



Looks like it's time for me to get a projector - after I get my own condo or house too that is. I've always wanted a projector, but the idea of replacing expensive bulbs always averted me. And current LED projectors on the market only have 200-300 lumens - so you'd have to be in a super dark room to see decent picture/color.

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