Samsung Isn't Interested In HP's PC Business



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You would get market share, as HP has no manufacturing plants, as like all the othe "American" manufacturers, they have all been outsourced to China or Costa Rica. I could see Lenovo possibly stepping up and purchasing HP's pc division as they have the experience and the captial to do so. But, does not mean they will.



I am trying to figure out what Lenovo would get from buying HP's PC Division, except market share.  What technology does HP have to offer (IBM did have a lot of IP to offer).  BTW, Lenovo owns their own manufacturing plants in a lot of regions of the world, including Mexico, China, and other places (they do have limited manufacturing in their own US plants)



What I don't get is what's the advantage of buying HP's PC line? It can't be name recognition because you won't be able to keep the HP name. Is it just because you'd get their supply chain, support structure, MFG plants - all that?



Well maybe they'll throw in the compaq name as part of the sale.

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