Samsung: iPad 2 Will be Tough to Beat



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WTF? All Samsung has to do is to lower the prices... job done...




Samsung won't be able to compete until they do a significant price cut. Until they can get their tablets for a nice chunk below the cost of an iPad they will never be more than a distance second.



All bull aside this tablet will be the one to beat!
I know crybabies, there's no flash! But get over it!
I don't miss flash at all especially with the cydia app called ''frash'' which plays flash.
And it's cheaper than a lot of competitors so I really don't know why you guys dismiss the iPad.
Is it because people get excited for it? I mean cmon guys! I'm a hardcore PC gamer custom rig and all that blah blah blah but I love my iPad and will sell this one and get the iPad 2. Oh yeah and yes the Xoom looks great but it's not as polished as the iPad.
Now watch as retards talk crap because I personally like the iPad.

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I think that the biggest thing, is how much hype there is over something that is just a large iPod. Whoop-de-do! And the iPod XL 1.5 now has more features that are included in the iPod. So, aside from having a larger screen, what can the iPod XL 1.5 do that an iPod Touch can't? Play movies in 720p? Ok, thats one. What else? Bigger screen? Sure, thats two. But what else? Nothing? Hmm... So what's the aPEEL?

(see what I did there? Peel, apple... I'm so witty)



Yeah, it's essentially just a large iPod Touch. But then again, the other Android tablets out there such as the Galaxy is just a large piece of brick.


Badly Browned

I kind of have to agree. What I am waiting for is a tablet without the stripped down OS. 



I will buy a tablet when its as powerfull as my tower.  And who cares about thinest and lightest?  If its a better product but a couple mm thick no one should care.  Oh but they do care because these apple fanbois that buy these things are sheep.



By the time a tablet is as powerful as your current tower, whatever new tower you have will totally blow them both away, and you'll still be waiting.  Because frankly you're missing the point of tablets, they're not designed to replace the computer, they are designed to do some decent things in a mobile way, not everything a PC can do.

It's like expecting a cell phone with a built in video camera to be the equivalent of a fullblown television studio steady cam rig.  Ain't gonna happen.



His comment is sort of off topic, but I think what he is trying to say is that all the talk of the death of PC's is a load of crap. This we already knew. Tablets have their own niche but can't hold a candle to a true laptop or desktop computer.



You've got a long wait ahead of you then my friend!



Dear Mr. Jobs,

Please take note of the respect that has been paid to both you and your company.  This is a far cry from your behaviour during the Apple keynote in which you purposely displayed a misquote from Samsung VP Lee Young-hee in order to embarrass them.  That was absolutely disgraceful and rather unprofessional.

It's rather sad because you make such wonderful products and finally have both market and mind share (Samsung's response is a testament to that).  I don't ever recall MS taking you to task when they were annually beating you senseless nor did I ever see Mr. Gates post a misquote from one of his competitors as a way of saying, "Ha! Look at them! They're floundering fools!" 

I guess what I'm basically saying is "act like you've been there before" and drop the nouveau riche bit.


Your customers



What did Steve "Wonder Boy" Jobs say? I can't find anything about it.



i agree with this post. When I was following the live blog of the the iPad 2 unveiling, I was embarrased for Apple when Jobs led his presentation by slamming the competition. Extremists define themselves by what they stand against rather than what they stand for. That wasn't a gracious, adult move befitting the current tablet leader.

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