Samsung Introduces E-book with Full Physical QWERTY Keyboard



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Thanks DJFresh. I was gonna say the same. $400-700 for an eBook reader that displays black and white static images? And what's the storage capacity on those? No thanks Samsung, but for $700, I'll go on ahead and buy a super cool and innovative iPad that only does everything for $500.



I'm not a vindictive person but a company that has a $400 and $700 Ebook reader needs a reality check especially with the flood of tablets on the way. Anyone spending more than $300 for an Ebook reader needs to have their head examined and any company trying to sell them for more than that hopefully will take a large financial hit and in result firings will ensue. I will thank Apple for coming in with a $500 entry price to cause all other tablet manufacturer who were hoping to gouge us to rethink their pricing structure and allow healthy competition to reign. F Samsung.

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