Samsung to Inject $4 Billion into Texas Chip Factory



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What a collosal waste of money. This country is going into a hugemungous depression in the next 2-4 years. Look for the Dow to drop another 6,000-8,000 points.

The LIBOR scam that the worlds biggest banks have been participating in is a gigantic fraud of tens of trillions of dollars, and maintaining the fraud is the only thing propping up the worldwide financial system. Once it collapses, as all the lawsuits pour in by the victims of the LIBOR fraud, the USA is going down like chinatown.

Even if you don't believe that alone is enough to destroy this country, we have 140 million ignoramous voters who vote in lying, pandering, hypocritical, narcissist, psychopathic, incompetent ayholes in all levels of government.

How many messiah worshippers thought ObamaYoMama was the resurrection of christ, and were fainting, panting, chanting and cheering at the election of an economic terrorist dumbchuck.

These are the same ayhole voters that put convicted crackhead Marion Barry back in office, and put so many Chicago politicians in office who are now serving prison sentences. There's a LOT of them, just from Chicago alone. And the L.A. Mayor who is a self-obsessed camera hound that travels the world as much as possible on the voters dime, while LA goes down the toilet. Look at all the cities in California that are involved in financial fraud and are now in bankruptcy. Look up the City of Bell scandal, just one of many.

No, voters are so stupid and careless, and the batch of politicans are such complete ayhole human garbage, that this country will never survive. You cannot elect a person that by their very nature is a narcissist psychopath and expect anything good to come of it. That is the nature of 99% of people who seek political office.

As more and more tax TAKERS vote to steal money from the tax PAYERS, the country is going to bust at the seams. There's not enough money to pass out to all the lazy greedbag puckface ayhole voters who refuse to do for themselves.

We will see the end of the USA in the next decade. It's going to be a Mad Max barren wasteland.



I wonder if this announcement is a nudge nudge to tell the jury/judge 'hey, if you drop that stupid case see what we would do!'



wont apple sue them for this? i mean, its in the same factory as them!



(Apple quickly applies for patent on investing money in chip fabrication plants).



Samsung AND Global Foundaries, good job.

I wonder when the US based industries will start investing in US based production again?



Good news. Goes to show you what a state-specific business climate can accomplish. There's a reason this plant isn't in California or New England.



You don't even want to know how much in tax breaks they got for it. They basicly got the upgrade half off in tax write offs.
AND BTW, AUSTIN the city NOT Texas the state, had everything to do with this plant and offered them the most for their money.
Next time THINK before supporting the @ss backward state of Texas.



Tax breaks to attract businesses to invest $4 Billion dollars into manufacturing facilities that employs people is bad, huh? OK. Explain to me how you would have liked this to happen.



Austin is the capital of Texas, moron. Although Austin does have a unique culture, it doesn't exist in a vacuum. The Texas Triangle is very interdependent. It's still part of Texas. So, yeah it was TEXAS THE STATE. Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio also have huge technology sectors. I happen to work for a little company called Texas Instruments(Dallas-based). TI invented the integrated circuit and ton of other microprocessor/logic circuit innovations to lengthy to go into here. The Texas economy has killed nearly any other state economy for a while now. Sure Texas does have some idiots, but every state does. Yeah, your state does too. So you THINK before lumping everyone in Texas(25 million people) into one group. Sounds like you're the one who is @ss backwards.

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