Samsung Galaxy Tab Racks Up 600,000 Sales



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I would not purchase it, even if the price is half what it is currently selling for. Samsung's problem is that they take to long to push updates to their hardware, it will probably be six months after 3.0 releases before it is pushed to the Galaxy Tab. By then there will be better tablet options available.



I've seen and played with one and liked it alot - the only real hiccup from a use point-of-view I found was I wasn't enamoured with the layout of the landscape keyboard, though it didn't require me to sand the tips of fingers down, either.

Its real problem? Price. Crazy, Apple-like pricing for a smaller device with a smartphone-specific OS - I'm looking at $540 for a 3 year contract, $675 without. And still no wi-fi only model, available at your favourite electronics store?

Offer the device for something under $400 for 32GB and wi-fi and we'll talk. And you'll then be in serious competition with the iPad.




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Phone. Yawn.

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