Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming to Verizon Nov. 11 for $600



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Keith E. Whisman

Too small, tablet pc's need to be 10" minimum with 12" to 14" to be considered Minimum Standard size. 7" should remain in the realm of cell phones and hand held media players. I wont be purchasing one of these. 



I can't believe Samsung isn't including sandpaper with their tablet. According to Jobs, we need it to use 7-inch tablets because our fingers are just too fat to use it. Now I'll have to make a trip to Home Depot in order to use it. Bummer.

I think Steve Jobs must be losing his mind. The stuff that has been spewing from his mouth lately, from "No, no, You're holding it wrong, stupid. The New iPhone is fine. It has Face Time", to "Just so you'll keep quiet, here's a pathetic case for the iPhone, but seriously, there's no problem with it." and now "7-inch tablets don't make sense because your fingers are too fat. Trust me, Apple knows these things, we hired a guy to say so.". For him to say stuff like this makes me believe that he thinks of himself as God and people will follow him everywhere, because he thinks he is always right. It's too bad most (I said most, not all) of the Apple fanbase/customers probably sees Apple the way Steve wants them to, as the man who's company makes all of the good stuff that "just works" and we have to buy it because it's all the rage with the cool crowd and the New York Times. Unfortunately, more and more people buy more and more overpriced stuff with the Jobs' Holy Seal of Approval: the almighty Apple Logo, while Steve sits in his iHome, contemplating getting Snow-Leopard-upholstery in his next Bentley.



better than ipad in every category and it's cheaper.  and no data plan necessary.  it's a win win for me.  this thing is going to sell like hotcakes.



$600?  I wonder if that will be in addition to mandatory 2 year contract and high cost data plans.



Sorry, but 3G or no, a 7" tablet running an open source OS like Android should cost somewhere between $300 - 400 cash, tops - no contract.

Like the iPad, its a companion device - not a fully-featured / OS computer alternative. And, like the iPad, its overpriced and catering to enthuisiasts, rather than those who actually would like a functional tablet.




Those specs seem pretty sweet.  I can really see a use for it, for myself, but $300 tops.  $600 isn't even close to a reasonable price.

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