Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Wi-Fi Lands November 13th for $400



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I have been reading all the replies here, i had a great deal of info, some significant most are not. But i shall say it very active page.

quotes about change



have had problems with their laptops-Samsung do NOT have support forums or any kind of  tech support...


Holly Golightly

That is too expensive. Kindle Fire will be $200 and the PlayBook will be $300. I can save half the cost of this $400 Samsung by waiting 4 days for the Kindle Fire. It is going to take more than the latest Android and a gig of RAM to sway me to spend at the price Samsung is asking for.



The Kindle Fire has only 5% of the Apps this will.  The PlayBook has practically none.


Holly Golightly

It is about quality, not quantity. Give me a nice communication app, and I will be fine. I still say $200 is expensive for 16GB. You really can't store much with 16GB. We need netbook pricing for tablets to be honest with you.

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