Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Avoids German Court's Ban Hammer, Galaxy Tab 7.7 Not So Lucky



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go figure apple thinks everyone owes tribute to them I say go to hell ,its like saying all auto companies owe ford for building cars ?? get real APPLE you don't have the right to tell people what to buy from whom !! its not your call it should be ours! nuf said :)



microsoft didnt invent the idea of a tablet either

it can be SEEN demonstrated as early as 1967 in STAR TREK
if anybody should be litigating it should be the estate of Gene Rodenberry.
He clearly thought of a portable computing device in the form of a tablet DECADES AGO!



Apple just completely angers me in its quest to destroy Samsung. When will this madness of sueing stop...wait nevermind. I know the answer to's never!



they blame samsung for "lost" revenue besides trying to sue them out of business. samsung should just quit making components for apple cold turkey and watch how much they beg to be taken back. samsung doesn't need apple anywhere near as much as apple needs them. only 8.8% of samsung's total revenue comes from apple. compare that to how much revenue of apple's comes from said components.



your right, Apple tries to make their money by suing, not innovation.

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