Samsung Galaxy Players Finally Headed for US



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If it has:

Decent battery life

Decent camera

micro SDHC slot

<$250 price tag

Android updates from Google instead of manufacturer

Media Streaming/Purchases from Google service


then it could be a true iPod Touch competitor.



I've been waiting for years for a Android based PMP to compete with the ipod touch mainly as I am not an apple fan but am forced to use a ipod touch as i have no need for a phone but like having 1 device for email, web, twitter, music and videos. All of which the ipod touch does even if it is in the usual restrictive apple way, so Samsung please make this player good.



For this to take off, it should be prices $250 or lower.



Long over due. There are too many devices out there today that are tied to contracts. That keep you from trying them because they are too costly ($30/month x 24 = $720 + device cost? = way to much)  I want a device that I can use on the network I already pay for.



I hope it has easy to change SD/Micro SD.  I would love to beable to keep my phone and my music separate, but the problem with most modern players or phones is an insanely low capacity for the price.  tht's what doomed the ipod touch, that's what'll ultimately lead to the iPad never truly excelling as a portable video player, and that's why without easily swappable MicroSD or SD Cards, no portable media player will ever truly shine.



I'd definitely look into this. I am relgated to Tracfone telephone service, so no way I can swing a nice android phone on a monthly plan (contract or otherwise) so something like this sits in my usage wheelhouse quite nicely alongside the ipod touch, and I am not willing to pay for entry into THAT walled garden.



Depending upon storage capacities I could see paying $300 - $400. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I've been using a 30GB Creative Zen Vision M since 2006 and I've been waiting for an ipod touch killer like this. Yeah, the Zune HD was good but I couldn't quite justify upgrading to one while my Zen was still working. Unfortunatly (for Samsung) I recently replaced my mp3 player with the Droid X I acquired last week. Mp3 players will almost certainly be the next victim of convergence, but as things stand right now I think the Galaxy Player has the potential to be a really great product.

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