Samsung Galaxy II Sales Scorch to 10 Million Units



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Switched from my iPhone to this and haven't looked back. The battery life is just like my iPhone (need to charge it each night, and occasionally it can run dry in the evening after a long day's work with lots of talking. I am really really impressed with Android and with this phone. 9.5/10 (docked a half point because of the battery life). The screen clarity and size is amazing. It makes surfing web pages enjoyable, whereas my iPhone was only tolerable.

Given the choice right now, I would definitely take this over an iPhone.



My mother recently purchased this phone, and to be honest, I was rather impressed. With the short time I spent playing around with it I quickly realized how outdated my ipod's GUI was. The ability to add live/instant updatable tiles(programs) to the screen is fantastic and looks to be a huge step ahead of Apple's mobile OS, which consists of either embedded folders that include programs or the normal programs that sit there and have to be open. I could absolutely see myself choosing Adroids OS or even WP7 over the current OS Apple is using.



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