Samsung First to Build a DDR4 DRAM Module



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According to an article that was written for this magazine over a year ago the specifications for DDR4 DRAM offered only a minor performance improvement over DDR3. It was pointed out that the far better performance and lower power usage of DDR5 was why it was the new high end memory of choice for use with high end GPU's. Why would Samsung develop and try to sell DDR4 DRAM if the performance is not that great of an improvement over DDR3?

Unless; could it be that Samsung is out in the cold as far as owning and/ or licensing the IP necessary to produce DDR5 DRAM and is trying to muddy the water and delay the introduction of general purpose DDR5 DRAM by those who now produce DDR5 for use with GPU's and thus prolong its current profitable production of DDR3?



Because when I am on my laptop I'm overly concerned with keeping my RAM use low to extend my battery, especially going from 1.5v to 1.2...  For performance and power saving I'd much rather see SSD's and OLED in my laptop than DDR4

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