Samsung to Fight Fire with Ice Cream Sandwich-Powered Galaxy Tab 2



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Not in the least bit interested after hearing about the upcoming Asus MeMO 370T. The MeMO seems to best the Tab 2 in resolution (1280x800 vs 1024x600), screen tech (IPS vs PLS), processor cores (quad core Tegra 3 vs dual core), processor speed (presuming 1.3 GHz like other announced Tegras, vs 1.0 GHz). I'm guessing the Tab will be a bit thinner, but I'm also suspecting that this might cost it some battery longevity.

Plus the MeMO is definitely slated (pun intended) for $250.

Just see no upside to the Tab in this comparison.



Considering you can get better specs right now with the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus for $329-349 at major retailers, this thing better be priced at 249 or lower if they expect it to sell.


Peanut Fox

Seems a bit underwhelming specs wise. If the price is under 300 I would be interested, but at that point it's cheaper than a comparable smart phone so it's unlikely.


Hg Dragon


I just bought a Tab 10.1 last week...



If I saw this for $250 (highly unlikely), it would sell out so fast that people would wonder if a fire sale was going on



My parents have a Galaxy 7.0 Plus and this one looks the same and has similar running gear. Far as I can tell, the only difference is the core is down to 1GHz as opposed to the 1.2 in the 7.0 Plus. Samsung has already said the Plus will be getting ICS in Q1 this year, so this new device better be cheap or face internal competition. :p

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