Samsung Fascinate Hits Verizon September 9 with Some Unwelcome Changes



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I am actually ok with Bing being the default search engine, i just wished it was easy to change if someone wanted to use google or something else, that's my only complaint



happy with my EVO 4G. Besides, Sprints network is WAY better in the cleveland area then Verizon. No more dead spots at work or in my in laws house. No more 56k speed "3G". 


I do think its low to use Bing as the defualt search. And not make it easy to change it? Thats wrong on any smartphone. 



Considering it's Android, and this hardware build is already available from the other carriers, it won't be long before someone has an unlock or crack out for it I imagine.

but yea, sticking it in the eye of google's FREE OS by tying it to M$ is rather taudry



Honestly, I think it's pretty rude to make bing the default search engine when you're using the operating system google gave you for free. That's just like filling in for someone at work and then taking all the pay. Except worse, cuz that's the best example i could think of.



So this is the openness everyone talks about when referring to android.

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