Samsung EcoGreen Hard Drive: 1.5TB at 45% the Energy Cost



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Who cares about a minute drop in power consumption?  "EcoGreen"? My GOD, the logic behind all this is like a vegitarian only eating half a chicken instead of a whole chicken.  This is a ploy to sell more hard drives to trendy non-thinking idiots with low self-esteeme and an empty life who actually beleive that by using "green" technology is going to save the world.  How is buying a reduced power consuming hard drive going to impact the course of the planet in any significant way?  It's not.  Especially considering that the hard drive is for a COMPUTER which is electrical and requires the buringing/death of something to use. 

Turning off you PC when not in use is probably more "green" then this drive or any other "green" PC or component.  In fact why not scrap the computer altogether if you want to be green?  Now that's green! 

I just hope MPC keeps out of this whole "green" thing like it has so far unlike other PC mags that try to ride the wave of "green."   "Green" and PCs do least if you wan't a MAXIMUM PC.



Yeah, I agree with you!!



Rotational speed undisclosed?




the EcoGreen F2 is 5400rpm, the Average Seek Time is 8.9ms, Average Latency is 5.52ms, random access time 16.7.

the Spinpoint f1 is 7200rpm, 8.9ms, 4.17ms, 14.

the Barracuda is 7200rpm, not listed, 4.16ms, 13.6



I wonder how 12 of these would fare if in a RAID 6 on an Areca card...



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