Samsung Ditches Symbian



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Symbian is Dead. A has-been OS that wore out its welcome a long long time ago. There is nothing that Symbian can do that Android cannot do as well or better, and that probably goes for iOS and RIM as well. Of all the current major Phone OS's, Symbian is at the bottom. 



недорогая аренда машины, аренда лимузина.



Owned by Nokia? Isn't up to Nokia to decide what will happen to Symbian?



Symbian was "owned" by several big companies, and Nokia was the largest I think. But it wasnt a "Nokia" OS in the way that Android is a Google OS or iOS is an Apple OS. They were just the largest partner. 



Thank God you are here to point this out.  When the world is full of power and money struggles, when people are dying left and right in wars and disease... Well THANK GOD you're making sure that no one has to face an article on cell phones.

I'm nominating you for a Congressional Medal of Honor.



Gave up the ghost. Passed on. Gone to a better place. No longer among us. A late OS.


Keith E. Whisman

I wish Symbian could have worked out because it does seem to be a very polished OS with a lot going for it. Android on the other hand seems to be the Linux based Cell Phone OS to goto these days. Meego and Bada OS look great but wont be as great as Android unless they can somehow convince the public that they can build great applications for it.

Last time I looked at Bada it was supposed to be an Open platform that is supposed to compete with Android better than Symbian could ever do. The problem is that Symbian is a fleshed out OS and can be adjusted for new technology. Now the developement is going to introduce new bugs and problems. I really hope someone does build a better OS than Google Android, one that can really drive the Phones and Tablets of the future with style and utility. 

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