Samsung the Cynic: Blu-Ray Only Has Five Years Left, Suckers!



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 I agree with them, Blu-ray will never last DVD's are good enough for now, and in 5 years will be some better optical (or non) media for Hi-def.


The logic jump from optical media to display media soundsl like Samsung and it's interviewer were having two different conversations.


"There's no time like the future."



Sony, Blu-ray's largest supporter doesn't even seem to see that Blu-ray is the long term solution.  I say this because of their PS3's (the most popular Blu-ray player) Playstation Network offering movies for rent and purchase (also in HD) and their teaming up with PNY for "movies on a stick".



So just to clarify, Samsung believes that the successor to Blu-Ray, in terms of the biggest seller for Samsung, is OLED. They are saying that within the next 5 years Samsung will be more focused and more reliant on the sales of OLED devices than Blu-Ray devices.

"Strangely, Samsung believes that the next big thing after Blu-ray Disc
for the company won’t be another media format, but rather a new
generation of television technology – specifically OLED displays." - Tom's Hardware

^^^ emphasis added ^^^

Please do not start thinking that OLED by itself could ever do anything more than display your movie.


Fanboys are annoying. Price/Performance is top priority. Patience=Awesome.


Wareagle not HD-DVD, it's DVD.

Just like Windows XP is Vista's biggest competitor.

After looking at HD movies, at least on my little screen, I can't see much difference between them and DVD.

And don't even get me started on HDCP.  Who wants to buy a product that you can't put on your moblie device, or even copy to your laptop's hard drive to save battery power and not have to lug discs with you on vacation?



"...the successor to Blu-ray will be OLED displays."  


This makes perfect sense if you accept that laser mice were the successor of the floppy drive.  

I think that the marketing department needs someone from the IT side of Samsung on the team.







Anyways. Not much to say. DVD has barely had some 12 years on it so 5 years may not be that bad. 

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