Samsung Bringing 19-inch Transparent AMOLED to CES



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the screen is transparent, but its applications arent apparent


just kidding.. yay 2011



with transparent you have no glare and it will look like the movies

also it is what they are use in allot of heads up displays in helmets for pilots

i want the one that raps around my head



A HUD (Heads up display) used in aircraft and some vehicles projects an image on to a pane of glass that is angled such so that you get a reflection as well as the ability to see through it.

HMD would be more like a transparent display



What's the point of a transparent screen? It's bad enough there are glossy screens.



When you consider the application of a wearable display, this is really intriguing especially considering that this can be rolled to a radius of < 1cm.  This could be embedded into motorcycle helmets to put the speed, tach. navigation, caller id etc. in the visual field of the driver.

Even more cool to me is the idea of an overlay on life.  Imagine that you could have everyone's name overlaid on their forehead so you would never forget it?  Or make your terrible boss look like Bozo the clown?  Now we're cooking.

Look in the mirror in the morning and see your stocks, the weather, sports, and WOW auction bids!

Imagine a little and you may find this to be VERY cool....



That is my question exactly.

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