Samsung Boasts the World's Thinnest LCD, Measuring 7.9mm Thick



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Keith E. Whisman

See she is holding it straight.



That's very nice. Hope it's stable enough so it doesn't break like a twig.



 They could even move everything into the stand... unless it's going to be wall mounted. But then, you could have everything in an external box. Mount it on the wall behind the TV so that it's out of the way, and all your wires get plugged into it.

It could work, and be stylish at the same time too!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



Moving the Electronics to an external box is a great Idea...

I mean really how many of us don't already have a pile of electronics gear we've got to put into a cabinet or close? One more peice is no big deal, exspecialy with the added bonus of a super slim display wall mounted !!!

Can you say floor space :)

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