Samsung Announces Slim and Sexy Optical Drive for Ultrabooks and Tablets



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I have TONS of DVD movies and XviDs stored on DVD discs (we're talking around 4000 discs.) If this thing allows watching a DVD movie on my Asus Transformer tablet, I'll buy it today for $60 no problem. I haven't been able to figure out if it can watch DVD movies (it would also require a DVD-watching Android app, which as far as I can tell doesn't exist), but you definitely can access your data files on a DVD with this thing.

Yes I could instead rip the DVD movies to a hard drive, convert them to XviD, and load them on my tablet or my USB hard drive, but that takes a lot of time. Netflix is an option, but there's tons of stuff not available on streaming. I already have all these movies on discs - $60 is cheap to be able to access them. I've started traveling without my laptop, with just my tablet. And the last two vacations I've taken, network connections were slow or unreliable, so streaming is out. Local storage isn't going anywhere until high speed internet is ubiquitous, and I don't see that happening for 10-20 years.

Yes this is definitely a niche product, but I for one fill that niche nicely. :)



Really, I'm going to tote around an optical drive? This was like the old slim drive for my Viao z505 in 1999, which coincidentally, was the best PC based ultrabook produced until 2011.

They should be sure to add a pcmcia slot.



No bluray? I know it's a PITA to use now, with the software solutions to play blu-ray movies being far from optimal, but with greater acceptance my hope is that the blu-ray will be as easy to play and use as DVD currently is. It might be a pipe dream, but with devices like this staying away from blu-ray, I'll never know.

I have a samsung portable DVD drive that cost me 40 bucks. It is about as thick as my netbook (so thicker than this), is constructed of cheap plastic, and requires 2 USB ports to function, as the article says most do. If only this had been out when I bought my external drive last year as I would have gladly thrown down an additional Andrew Jackson to get a more capable drive with better construction and power requirements.

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