Samsung Announces The Galaxy Note 8.0



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while i think this should have been designed with a 1080 screen, i still think this fits a fairly empty niche market. The last few years have seen Phones evolve to pull tablet duty, how long did you expect before tablets started pulling phone duties? Yes i know there are Voip apps to let you make 'calls' on nearly any device out there, but the ability of a tablet to utilize the cell networks for more than just an expensive data connection is great. Im sure one looks like an idiot holding this up to their head, but when you can pick up a $15-20 bluetooth headset at any truck stop or super market, who cares? I personally talk at most around 50 hours a month, yet i have Sprints unlimited plan because i spend most of my 'phone' time on the internet or listening to music or sharing pictures with distant family, and have used over 50GB of data over the air before (grab a few seasons of a TV show in HD and see how fast your at your data cap). I also use my phone for tethering when my internet is out or im on the road.

This isnt meant to be a phone/tablet for the masses, but it WILL fit some peoples lifestyle/needs better than settling for one device, or paying the data bill for two. also, Im not sure why everyone is going as thin as possible with deices these days, esp. something this large. i would rather have something closer to 1/2" thick over 1/3" thick if it means a few more hours of battery life with the screen on and in a low service area.



I don't know if I'll get this model, but something like this would suit me when I next get a phone.

Presently I carry an iphone and sometimes an ipad, but I only make phone calls once a day.

Something like this could be a better option for me.

And I don't care if people laugh at me for holding up a big phone.

I would inwardly pity them for being yokels.



You don't have to put to phone to your ear, you use the speaker/mic to use it at a distance.



Okay, 8" is nice and all, but where's the 1080p? Why not go 4k and REALLY deliver a killer product? This is a real lame move, Samsung, and I'm not impressed.



I also say that a 8-inch phablet is not good for making calls. I would probably laugh at someone who is making a call with such a big device. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and find it big but it is "only" 4.8 inches. By the way I am developing for Android (sg. like this one: Maybe this product will not be as successful as Samsung thinks.



My 4.3" phone has a 960*540 resolution (256 ppi)

This 8" phone has a mere 1280*800 resolution (189 ppi).

The iPad is 10" and manages 264 ppi @ a resolution that many a desktop/laptop user covets.

This device is a failure IMO.



Bigger = Better eh SAMMY? NO. You can't beat Apple with by just making your ugly phone bigger.



Ah, I see wintel is smoking his Apple crack again... surely there is an AA group for that? Appleholics Anonymous?



I drive for a living so I use Bluetooth for calls,holding it to my ear would not be an issue.Most people buying it would do the same or make infrequent calls.



I've got an 8 incher in my pants!



I don't think you are suppose to measure from the pelvic bone...





Sir Hobbes3

Dear lord Samsung. BIGGER is NOT always BETTER. I think this is kind of why i'm starting to like Apple again. (plus, the iDevices do a great job of managing my music.)



Agree with you (except on the Apple part of course). I mean seriously, how are we supposed to hold a 8 inch tablet in one of our hands up to out faces for an extended amount of time?



Can someone ban this guy? Honestly I'm at the point where I want to stop using the site because of one a$$ho!e troll.



agreed. or plus one or whatever.

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