Samsung and Eight Other Chip Makers Fined $404 Million for Price Fixing



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Will I be able to get 4gb of ddr2 800 at $40 again? It's outrageous what they charge these days.



I agree, put one in jail and this most certainly will have a trickle affect.  The consumer works hard for our money and when we spend it, it seems it never lasts or is overpriced.


In this case, over-priced.  I was wondering, history shows us as things get older, they become cheaper in price.  I found it strange that the triple channel memory I bought 2 years ago at $84.00 is now $140.00.  Hmmmm.


I agree with the posts, lower the prices ASAP so we the consumer can benefit first.  That's how you'll open my wallet, better pricing!!!!!


Everything changes but change itself



I've said it before, but apparently it needs saying again.  To hell with fines.  Put ONE CEO in prison for life and this will never happen again.




Yeah, I see your point - the money that consumers "overpaid" as a result of the "cartel" won't be reimbursed back to the consumers. If anything, the cartel should then sue the Euro Comission because as a result of the higher memory prices, and that the Euro Commission ruled that it was illegal, then in a sense, the cartels overpaid taxes correct? So the Euro-states had been receiving more taxes than they should have. I work in finance, so this is just my thought. 

 In the end, the paid-fines will just go back to the Euro-states, dispursed appropriately, and then maybe some going into the pockets of politicians. 



Seriously... how did everyone miss the obvious joke in this?

404, money not found. Please try your query again.

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