Samsung Aims for Gamers with New SSD Ads



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Wow, Really?

You are better off just updating RAM in this case if you want better performance



I think the idea is supposed be that when photorealistic games become possible, it'll take a SSD to quickly read all of the necessary graphics data off of the hard drive fast enough. Or, uh, something.

Anyway, it's a great idea to market these towards gamers. People will spend $400 on a graphics card setup to make their game just a tiny bit shinier and prettier than a $100 card. So I would say that spending an extra $120 to get a SSD to wipe out load times and get programs launched instantly in Windows will look like a good investment. 



dazzling photorealism? I didn't realise SSDs increased the performance of my graphics card and or monitor. I knew it would speed up load times, but make things look better too! Shit send me 10 of them..... Come on samsung, Its one thing to push your product by overstating its performance, but to advertise increases in visual quality is an out and out lie. Do your drives come with a free bottle of snake oil too?



 I'm really liking Samsung's advertising methods, the 24 SSD one and now gamers. They have a unique vision.

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