Safari Browser Share Steps in Ring with Big Three, Wrestles Market Share



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Sometimes I sound like I’m arguing, when I’m actually not. I just have a way of putting my posts stronger than intended.It’s easier to keep out of the conversation and not take the chance of being misunderstood.

funny facebook status



More "average users" must be purchasing Apple products and using the default browser because they don't know anything else is out there.  Safari, despite being webkit, is horrendous.  I put it on the same level as IE though it's probably worse than IE9.  Still, it's better than IE6.


Keith E. Whisman

It's better than IE6 but is that after the service pack?


Just kidding.. I just think anything Mac immediately sucks except for the Ipad and Ipods. 


Keith E. Whisman

I thought that I made it clear in your other article that only the least intelligent among us use Safari. It would seem that there are millions of Safari users because the prisons are just over crowded with our dumbest citizens, they must be Safari users. 



I'm using safari, heard it's not as secure as other browers, but it's what I'm used to.




Standalone by itself vs Firefox. it's safer than firefox...add in firefoxes little add ons like no script and what not....and it loses by a long shot. but still i like safari too



I use Chrome 10 and Firefox 5 for personal surfing, and IE 9 for work. I used Safari, once, and will never use it again. And, with it's security holes, I'll avoid it like I do all Apple crap! No thanks!



I like Chrome too.

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